Girls Touch Football News & Events


What age levels do you offer?
This depends on interest in the programs.  The level we could offer are
  • Midget 17-20 years …birth years 2001, 2000, 1999 & 1998
  • Bantam 15-16 years…birth years 2003 & 2002
  • Pee-Wee 13-14 years…birth years 2005 & 2004
  • Mosquito 11-12 years…birth years 2007 & 2006
How much does it cost to play?

The fees for 2017 will be $175.00. Of the $175.00 there will be included a $25.00 fundraising fee that is charged up front. Players will be given raffle tickets to sell during the season. Details are to be determined.

$25.00 OFA ( Ontario Football Alliance fee) …payable online, details to follow

How long is the season?

Our season basically lasts 4 months, March until the end of June. We begin our season with some off-season workouts during March, April and early May. Once fields open up in mid-May we start official practice and preparation for our regular season games. Games begin after the long weekend in May and run until late June. We are all finished before school is out.

How often do you play/ practice?

During our off-season sessions we are trying to keep commitment to approximately 1½ hours per week until we are allowed on the fields approximately the 2nd week of May. From that point onwards you can expect to have 3-4 sessions per week at 1 ½ to 2 hours per session, this will include practices and games.

How many games are there and when are they played?

Games begin after May long weekend and run until late June. We play eight regular season games and at least two play-off games. Games can be played on any weeknight as well as on a weekend. Primarily we can expect to play Friday evenings…..and Sundays. We may organize some exhibition games per age level, played prior to the May long weekend.

Where are practices held?

We will practice at Stonecrest Elementary School or West Carleton Secondary School.

Who do we play against and where?

Wolverines are part of the National Capital Amateur Football Association. Our home games will be played at West Carleton Secondary School. We have teams from Kanata across to Cumberland in our league, so it is safe to expect some cross city travel during the season. We have teams in Orleans, Cumberland, Ottawa, South Nepean and Kanata.

Do you accommodate conflicts with other sports/commitments?

YES….. We strive to make sure the girls can meet their obligations for soccer/ hockey/ dance etc…