West Carleton Wolverines

Fall 2020 Skills and Drills Camp is full.  
We will be taking names on a waiting list.  Please send us an email if you would like to be added to the waiting list.  We can not guarantee a spot will become available but we will contact you on a first come, first served basis if a spot opens up.

Dates and schedule

Camp Dates: August 27th – October 8th (we will be adding one extra night to make up the Monday of the first week)

Camp Location: 3045 Kinburn Side Road, Kinburn, K0A 2H0

The Camp will run on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.  We may have to add another night for our make up night.

The Camp will start at 6:30 PM.  Please arrive at least 15 minutes early to make sure your player has time to check-in.

Our schedule may change due to coach availability.  We will make sure everyone knows by email if there is a schedule change.


June 2021

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Documents for camp

Feel free to download and print and complete these forms prior to coming to practice.  This will make check-in much faster for everyone.  We will have paper copies of these forms if you do not bring them with you.

West Carleton Wolverines Return to Play Plan

Declaration of Compliance Form
(required on the first night of practice)

Informed Consent Form
(required on each night of practice)

Player Attendance Tracker Form
(required on each night of practice)

Staff Attendance Tracker Form
(required on each night of practice)

The success of our camp this year depends on the cooperation of all parents/guardians and players. For the safety of all our players, coaches and volunteer staff our rules will be enforced.

How Check-in and practice will work

  1. Players should arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the start of practice to make sure the can check-in in time. Practice starts at 6:30 pm.
  2. Player(s) and one parent or guardian will arrive and park in the parking area in front of the Community Centre.
  3. Player(s) and parent/guardian will proceed to the check-in area, following social distancing rules.
  4. Players and parent/guardian must sanitize their hands prior to checking in.
  5. On the first night, parents/guardians will complete the Declaration of Compliance Form, the Player Attendance Tracker Form for the player, the Informed Consent Form and present their player’s OFA registration receipt.  After the first night, each player will have to complete and submit the Attendance Tracker Form and the Informed Consent Form to the check-in area.  All documentation will be kept on file for tracing if required.
  6. Once check-in is complete the player(s) will sanitize their hands and proceed to the field following the signage.  Parents/guardians will sanitize their hands and proceed to the viewing area, following social distancing protocols.
  7. Players will be required to socially distance while on the sidelines (including water bottles).  Parents will be required to social distance during the entire practice.  Signage will be posted as a reminder.
  8. Players will practice in small groups to assist with social distancing and will be asked to distance from other players whenever possible.
  9. During breaks during practice, players will be asked to sanitize their hands or football gloves.  Players will be required to sanitize their hands/gloves after the completion of practice.
  10. All coaches, trainers, and volunteers will be required to wear masks during practice.
  11. We will use approved training aids only (Footballs / Cones / Ladders).  All equipment will be sanitized after each practice.
  12. If a player is injured or is feeling ill during practice they will be taken to the First Aid area and looked after by the Trainer.  The trainer will be required to wear a mask and gloves while treating players and coaches.  Parents will pick up their player at the tent to take them home immediately if the player is feeling unwell.
  13. Upon completion of practice, the players will follow the signage back to the parking lot and parents/guardians will follow their signage back to the parking lot and meet up with their player(s).  We ask that players and parents depart practice as soon as they are ready to leave. 
  14. If a player or parent is not feeling well prior to practice, we ask that they do not attend.

Do's and Don'ts for Camp

  • All paperwork must be completed for each player prior to the player taking the field.  The Player must be registered with OFA and provide their OFA number in order to attend practice.
  • Parents/guardians MUST report any positive COVID-19 test results to the club.
  • According to OFA requirements, players must not be taking part in any other sport while registered for football.
  • All players must check-in prior to every practice
  • All players must have their own, labeled water bottle
  • All players must avoid unnecessary contact with others (no high-fives, handshakes, etc.)
  • All players must avoid touching their eyes, nose, and mouth.  If they do, They must sanitize their hands immediately
  • All players and parents/guardians must use controlled points of entry and exit.  Do not take shortcuts.
  •  Parents/guardians must park in designated areas
  • Players must not attend if they are not feeling well.
  • Parents/guardians should bring a lawn chair for watching in the designated viewing area.  Social distancing rules will be enforced.  Parents/guardians may be asked to wait in their vehicles if they do not follow the social distancing protocols.
  • Players must follow guidance from their coaches during practice
  • One parent or guardian per family is allowed to attend with their player.  We ask that no siblings attend (if possible).  If more family members must attend they must follow social distancing protocols. 
  • Players and parents/guardians must follow all signage and social distancing protocols.
  • Players must come ready for practice.  They should have a water bottle labeled with their name.  It is suggested they have cleats and football gloves.
  • There will be no washroom facilities provided