Registration for Wolverines football is for youth between the ages of 8 and 12 who live within the territory of West Carleton, the Ottawa Valley, and North Kanata.  If you are unsure of what territory you belong in please check on the NCAFA website.

You are eligible to play for the Wolverines if you:

  • Are between the ages of 8 and 13 (born between 2007 and 2012)
  • Played previously for us
  • Been released by a neighbouring NCAFA Club
  • Live in a territory not assigned to another NCAFA Club

Registration is a THREE STEP process.

STEP 1: Ontario Football Alliance (OFA) Registration

Registration with OFA ensures that your child is insured prior to taking the field.  You will be given an OFA number which is required for the next 2 steps.  OFA Registration is required every year your child plays football.


Make sure to keep your 7 DIGIT Football Canada Registration ID Number.  You will need it in the next step.

STEP 2: National Capital Amateur Football Association Registration (NCAFA)

You will need to have completed Step 1 and have your 7 DIGIT Football Canada Registration ID Number to complete this step.


STEP 3: Wolverines Club Registration

Please complete the following Player and Parent information.  You will then add the player registration to your Cart.  If you have a second child to register you can add their information prior to going to your Cart and Checkout.

Once you have completed your player(s) information you can proceed to your Cart and Checkout and complete your Billing Information.  You will be asked to create an account on your first purchase, this is optional.

Please make sure that your Method of Payment option matches your payment method in your Checkout.

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The following information is used by our Registrar to manage your player’s registration.


Please enter the 7 DIGIT Football Canada Registration ID Number you were assigned during your OFA registration.

Please include any allergies, chronic illnesses, or other concerns you may have about your child’s health. If your child has no conditions or concerns simply answer NO.

If your child requires medication during games or practices, are they able to administer it themselves? Please ALWAYS make sure to notify your coaches if your child requires medication.


At least one parent or guardian must provide their contact information. This information will be used to contact you with team information, scheduling, and important Wolverines news.

Please provide your primary phone number (cell or landline).



This is optional. If you would like an additional adult to be added to our communication list, please include their contact information here.

Please provide your primary phone number (cell or landline).


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