West Carleton Wolverines


The Wolverines host four home games per season for each level.  During home games we are responsible for setting up the field, doing the score, timing, convening and sticks.  We also run a 50/50 and a canteen.  All of these jobs are done by volunteers.  You can sign up for a position each week with your team manager.  Volunteering is not mandatory but we can not run the club without the help.

Field Volunteer positions

Stick Crew

  • The job of stick crew is to mark the position of the ball, the downs, the number of yards to a first down, and the line of scrimmage for each play. The role is well explained online in Annex C of the NCAFA Constitution.
  • There are 3 volunteers per level for each home game.
  • The volunteer must be present on the field 20 minutes before the start of the game to meet with the referee and receive instructions.


  • Keep time during the game, following the referees instructions. The league rules for keeping the time can be found in the NCAFA constitution
  • There is one timekeeper per level.


  • Each team will have at least 2 convenors, preferably 3 per game. We must have a convenor at all games (home and away).
  • Their tasks are:
    • Exchange game sheets with the opposition convenor 15 minutes before the start of the game. Team rosters are printed on the game sheets;
    • Liaise between the Wolverines coaching staff and the opposition coaching staff. Convenors speak only to each other and not to their opposition coaches;
    • Ensure that players get the minimum number of plays per half as prescribed by NCAFA
    • At the end of the first and third quarter, report to the other teams convenor on players still needing plays to reach their minimum. Advise the convenor when their offence/defence/team are ‘clear’
  • Rules for convening NCAFA games can be found on the NCAFA website in appendix E: http://ncafa.ca/documents/official/ncafa-constitution-2015-final.pdf

off field Volunteer positions


  • Collect the bucket, bibs, tickets from the canteen at the start of the game
  • Start selling immediately and until the end of the 3rd quarter
  • Draw for the winner in the 4th quarter
  • Winner gets 50%. The other 50% goes to the Wolverines


  • Specific roles are assigned by the canteen manager at the start of the game. Examples of tasks include BBQing, handling cash, getting drinks/chips, etc.
  • We typically require more volunteers as the day goes on.  Half time and between games is the busiest time at the canteen.